Classic, Mini, the Big Soft version, the backpack, the briefcase, the Love Bag reveals its transformist and versatile nature, always adding new designs to the family. For Autumn-Winter 2019-2020, the Love Bag shape becomes rounder, making it softer and with an urban-cool attitude in the Round Love Bag model, which can be worn through any moment of the day. But the toy bags are the true trend of the season, perfect for just about holding a smartphone: the Baby Love Bag can be worn with a shoulder strap or as a pouch, on its own or together just like in the most assertive street style looks.




"Made in Italy" is more than just a tag.
Tod's has always been about the human touch.


Dean and Dan Caten are among the most dedicated (and idiosyncratic) people in fashion. Known for their extravagant runway shows, their energetic personalities and their celebrity following, they never leave each other's side, even for business trips.

The urge to stop, to pause and to take time. To interpret the meaning of slowing down, to enjoy the lightness of living in suspended moments. To understand, to change, to accept, without prejudice and preconceptions, when time slows down and you are suspended in a waiting state.

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Destined to become a symbol of extreme research in fibers and textiles, applied to an innovative design, it is known as the brand that’s redefined the common understanding of sportswear. Having immediately become a cult phenomenon, still today it maintains its position as a contemporary point of reference for younger generations.

Stone Island’s strength lies in its unique capacity to work on the finished garment, via continuous experimentation with dyes and treatments created in the Sportswear Company’s color laboratory. A department capable of combining advanced technology, experience and human capacity, that over the years has developed more than 60,000 different dye recipes.